Our intelligent LED signs are available as standard or custom solutions, are low maintenance, economical to run and incorporate software and communication options that make our solutions more than just signs!

Intelligent School Signs
SkyMedia understands that the education sector needs to communicate with its community in an efficient and timely manner.

From simple single pole signs to fully incorporated digital pylon displays and electronic scoreboards, SkyMedaia has a complete signage package to suit any budget.

Hospitality Solutions
SkyMedia’ Hospitality solutions meet the specialised needs of hotels, clubs and casinos. Options include outdoor applications, directory boards and gaming displays.

Sporting Solutions
Our sporting solutions include scoreboards and scoring software for a wide variety of sports as well as the ability to display advertising and venue promotions.

Stadium Solutions
SkyMedia’ stadium solutions include the shock absorption range of video screens. Our scoreboards include customised scoring functionality and the ability to display advertising and venue promotions.

Advertising Solutions
SkyMedia offer contemporary, high-tech advertising solutions. From point of sale displays to large advertising screens, our range of displays suit both indoor and outdoor applications.

Airport Solutions
SkyMedia offer complete airport solutions from flight information displays, check in and gate information to parking and baggage collection signs.

Cinema Solutions
Our cinema solutions cover all areas of cinema operation from integrated ticketing systems to box office displays and candy bar advertising applications.

Education Solutions
SkyMedia specialises in signage solutions for schools, universities and colleges. Our low power, low maintenance signs are economical to run and easy to operate.

Retail Solutions
From point of sale displays to architectural features and advertising screens our signs can be instantly updated to display store promotions or new product information.

Traffic and Transport Solutions
All our traffic signs can be quickly and simply updated according to traffic conditions and/or timetabling needs, are ultra-bright and built to last.

Industrial Solutions
Our industrial range is designed for longevity and environmental toughness. All signs can be quickly and simply updated according to site conditions or safety needs.

Finance Solutions
SkyMedia finance industry solutions can be customised to interface with data systems to display live stock prices or exchange rate information.

Architectural and Design Solutions
The versatility and high impact of LED technology lends itself to indoor and outdoor architectural applications. LED signs are informative and attractive to look at.